Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Jiwi workshop (MOTAT)

“Go” announce the man. We all ran over to the table of things with great fury and excitement there was all sorts of things. When my great group came back and we all decide to do the ramp lifter we all thought that it was the hard so we challenged ourselves to do it.When we started doing the ramp lifter we start by putting the little sticks on the spoty board to mark our track that was next we used some half paper rolls for the marble to go down to get to the other end of the track.Hard. When the rope was on we put the rope to the small cup to one endof the rope and the ramp on the other end of the great rope. When it was time for the big race to begin we all sat and watched the marble go down and up, down and up, down and up for a bit when it was up to my group we were all so scared that it was not going to work. " Yay it worked " We all shouted.

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