Friday, 19 May 2017

How is Plastic Made?

How is Plastic made?

How is plastic made? Some people may wonder about that question. It starts from us drinking out of plastic containers and then put them the rubbish so they can be remade again into something else.

Firstly, the bottles have to go through an ultraviolet light that detects contaminants that means that it gets all the non plastic things, like soda*, water, and other things out.

Next, the plastic goes into a grinder rotary drum that will break the plastic down into small tiny pieces. That way it will be able to go into the paper separator,where it separates the paper from the plastic.

Then the plastic goes into a water bath that removes the toxins from the plastic chips. After the water bath, the plastic chips go to the rinse bath that rinses the chips clear of toxins so they can go into the heated dryer.

Finally, the plastic chips go through a heated dryer that dries the chips so they can be made into plastic bottles.

So now you know how the plastic bottle is recycled and made so you and I can have plastic bottles when essential but just a tip reuse the plastic bottles so we don’t have rubbish in landfills and our ocean.

*coke, lemonade, fanta, and more.  

By Julia

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