Friday, 7 July 2017

Proud Moments Term 2

Proud Moments Term 2

1. science fair 
I am proud of all the work I did on my science fair board even though it took me a long time to finish it. I enjoyed doing the testing and putting my science board together.

2. Maths
Geometry - was very good. I learnt that boats use geometry for the signals and you can use it in a table on a map like C4 and D2 coordinates to find things.

3. Spelling
I finally got past the list I had been working on. These two lists were N1 & N2. I also got past M3 & M4.

4.Tech Arts
In tech arts I did music and food tech. Even though I was not able to play at the showcase, I still had lots of fun learning how to sing properly and how to play the drums. In food tech, I learnt new skills like that you have always throw away the yuk bagging from meat because if you don't do this you will start to spread germs. I also learnt how to use some new cooking equipment.

5. Success!
I finally learnt how to swallow tablets. Mum started me of using mini M&M's then once I had got that she moved me onto TicTacs then after that I tried a real tablet. I was able to swallow the tablet.